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Email Marketing Basics

Email Marketing BasicsEmail blast can be many things. They can be email offers highlighting discounts or sales, notification of upcoming events or company newsletters, etc. Why are so many companies using email marketing as the foundation for online marketing strategy? Because it's proving to be more effective and less costly than traditional printed direct mail. You can even measure and test your emails to determine what exactly works best for your particular target audience.

In order to ensure the long term success of your email marketing campaigns follow these guidelines:

How to test and optimize email marketing performance.

How to test and optimize email performance.If you haven't already started an email campaign you should. If you've already started one, congratulations. Now you'll want to test it's effectiveness and optimize based on the results. Testing can help increase your return on investment and strengthen customer engagement. The fact is that most companies don't do any testing. So if you are one of the few who are, you'll have a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Before you start you will need to establish what you will be testing and how you will define success. Test those facets of your email marketing campaigns that support established business goals.

How to increase click-thrus and open rates.

How to increase click-thrus and open rates.We get a lot of questions from online store owners about what they can do to increase the effectiveness of their email marketing. The answer is to not become complacent while focusing on continual improvement. What worked yesterday or last year may not be working the same now. Focus on these four key areas that have been proven to increase click throughs and open rates.

1. Create content that is relevant and targeted to your audience.
This is known as customer segmentation. You can create customer groups based on past behaviors like purchases, cart abandonment or pages viewed on your site. Sending targeted messages to specific customer groups increases the likelihood that they will click through and take action.

Ramp up your email campaign for the holidays.

Ramp up your email campaign for the holidays.Now's the time to get your online store in order. The holidays are just around the corner. People are busier than ever and will be looking to maximize their dwindling amounts of personal time. That means doing things like shopping online instead of wading through long lines at the mall and all the madness that goes with this special time of the year.

Don't wait for them to find you.
Make their shopping decisions easy by showing up in their email inbox instead of just hoping they'll find you online. Promote timely specials you're running on products that your audience is looking for right now. Give each special a definite end date. This creates a sense of urgency to make their purchase.

How to start an email marketing campaign.

We have setup numerous email marketing campaigns for ecommece clients over the years and when a new prospect contacts us they usually have a list of questions about how to get started. Since we hear the same questions so often we thought we would answer them here. Whether you are new to email marketing or have an established campaign in place, this blog post should provide you with some pointers on how you can either get started with email marketing or improve your existing email campaign's effectiveness.

How to ensure your email newsletter doesn't get caught in spam filters.

First, we must understand a few things before we move onto the details.

1) You can't control custom filters someone places on their inbox.
2) Spam filters change often and without notice. What was working last week might not work this week. Spam filters are constantly evolving to handle the latest offenses.

Even when people opt-in to receive your email newsletter, they can get caught in spam filters. But lucky for us, there are a number of things you can do to improve you chances of proper delivery.

5 Tips to Increase Email Marketing Effectiveness

There are many advantages to email marketing. It's affordable, good for the environment, user friendly and when implemented correctly, can drive highly targeted traffic to your website. But email marketing must be done properly to realize it's full benefits. Here are 5 ways to make yours more effective.

5 things to consider while creating your email campaign.

Email marketing should be succinct, targeted at the right people and valuable in some way to the recipient. If you follow a few guidelines your email campaign will be successful.

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