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Excellent Example of How Catalog Design Has Evolved

The video to the left for the North Carolina Travel Guide is an excellent example of how companies can use catalog design to create an impulse to buy. It demonstrates how the catalog has evolved and what you can do with it.

Tips to make your customers hold on to your printed catalog.

Creating a printed catalog can be costly. Especially when your audience does not find enough value in your catalog to keep it around for awhile or show it to others. Here are some tips for getting your customer to hold on to that catalog long enough to place multiple orders.

How To Create Effective Catalog Spreads

How To Create Effective Catalog SpreadsPrinted and digital catalogs are an important extension of many ecommerce websites. Having created catalogs for clients for the past 15+ years, we have found some tried and true strategies to increase page views that can be used to hold your viewers' interest longer and increase catalog sales. Here are 4 suggestions.

Provide Descriptive Category Titles At The Top of Each Page
A large descriptive spread headline can add clarity and help consumers decide if the spread is worth their time to look at as they skim through your catalog (i.e. Green Household Cleaners). Smaller sub category titles can be beneficial to further direct the reader to the exact section of the category they're in (i.e.: Green Kitchen Cleaners, Green Bathroom Cleaners, etc.).

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