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environment Environmentally
Conscious Designers

We have prepared this environmental profile to demonstrate what we are doing to reduce the negative impact we have on our environment. 
env4 Energy Conscious Climate Control
We use fans throughout our offices instead of running the air conditioner. By utilizing a whole office fan we are able to be "air conditioner free" for all but a few of the hottest days of the year... even here in Southern California.
env1 Recycling
We sort and recycle almost everything that comes through our office. That includes paper, cardboard, packaging, plastics, glass and aluminum. We also make every effort to use recycled paper in our office whenever possible.
env5 Limited Paper Consumption
We use digital pdfs whenever possible to reduce the consumption of both paper and ink cartridges/toners. We've also made an effort to move comping and proofing of projects online so as to not generate unnecessary paper waste.
env2 Composting
We practice small scale composting of consumables that are used in our office. Everything from paper, to compostable food waste goes into the compost bins. We even shred used paper to be used to start our on-site compost bins.
env6 Energy Saving Hardware and Electronics
We practice energy saving methods including the use of energy saving hardware and electronics that lower overall energy usage and power down when not in use. Whenever something is not in use, it’s either sleeping or switched off.
env3 Organic Gardening
We grow organic vegetables in our small garden. We use it for everything from juices and mixed green salads to vegetarian burritos, stuffed bell peppers and snacks including oranges, berries and avocados from right here in our garden.
Heath Meyette
, Web and Graphic Designer at Think Tank Designs, Creative Director at Think Tank Designs